Parent Teacher Cumference

A MommyGotBoobs video

Feb 09, 2018 (26769) 3,9/5 (261)

► Nicolette and Ariella are living the perfect life, or so it seems. Together they’re raising a son but everyone has complaints in a marriage right? Nicolette is a sexy housewife who wants more attention (and fucking!) and Ariella is a busy career woman who wants some understanding (and fucking!). When their son’s teacher (Johnny) requests a private meeting, they set it up at home to accommodate Ariella but she immediately gives a bad impression by being late and consumed with work stuff. Nicolette can’t help herself from seeking outside attention and starts messing around with the teacher. Ariella has a similar desire, except that she manages to get caught. Not one to be a hypocrite, Nicolette isn’t pissed about the infidelity so much as pissed that Ariella has the energy to fuck someone who isn’t her. Well, if that’s what was missing, a Big Dick, Nicolette is going to make sure she gets it all…and more.

Duration: 39:51
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